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Empties - August 2014

Hi Everyone!
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend and remembered to put your clocks forward! I totally missed that extra hour of sleep but at least we are gaining some sunlight! I hope my empties posts are being enjoyed because I seem to be on a roll with them this week. These are the products I made it through in August...

My full basket of empties...

Adidas Relax Hydrating Flower Bouquet Body Wash (400ml)
I believe this was a couple of dollars at Walmart, so I picked a couple of these up to give them a try. I really like the scent and formula of this body wash, it did the job and did it well. This foamed really well on a loofah and is something that I will pick up again at some point.

Softsoap Citrus Splash & Berry Fusion Moisturizing Body Wash (532ml)
I believe this was another $2 or $3 body wash I picked up at Superstore. I find you get great value for your money with the Softsoap body wash products. This one has an amazing scent and contains little moisture beads. I will pick this up again also at some point down the road.

Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub (30ml)
This facial scrub came in one of the beauty box subscriptions - can't recall which one as I had about four of them on the go at one point! I really liked this scrub - the consistency was great and not too harsh on skin, the scent was great and I loved that it was actually a charcoal colour. This is great for all skin types and will remove dead skin and impurities. This contains 70% organic ingredients and is vegan friendly. This is definitely a scrub I will be looking into purchasing in the future.

100% Pure Brightening Scrub & Mask (118ml)
This scrub came in a beauty bag from when was still around. This was another scrub that worked well for me. It wasn't too aggressive on my skin but did a great job at removing dead skin and I really did feel that it left my skin brighter and healthier looking. This is 100% natural, 100% vegan and cruelty and gluten free. I would pick this up again if I can find it easily enough to repurchase.

Burt's Bees Soap Bark & Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream (170g)
This was a product the hubby picked up for me at one point (I believe last Christmas) and I feel like I should give him a little pat on the back for this one. This product is also 100% natural and cruelty free. I would use this face wash in the shower in the mornings and the scent definitely woke me up. This had a creamy texture to it which was gentle on skin and left it with a slight tingle after use. I would also pick up this product in the future.

Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream (100ml)
This is a go-to product for me and one that I have mentioned many times. This scrub is perfect for my skin and isn't too harsh or abrasive. This is allergy tested and 100% fragrance free. I will continue to purchase this product.

Unite Volumizing Conditioner (300ml)
This was a product that my mum picked up for me a while back. I really liked the scent of this conditioner but felt that the formula was hard to work through my hair. It did the job for a while but it not something I will be seeking out again in the future. This product was vegan, gluten free, paraben free and cruelty free.

Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme (2oz.)
This product came in a Glymm bag way back when and was a hair product that I had a hard time trying to figure out how to use. In the end I used this as a hair mask a couple times a week. It is described as a hair "moisturizer for curls, kinks and waves". This did have a great scent and is by a company against animal testing, however, I found this product awkward and hard to use. Won't be trying this again in the future.

Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo (30ml)
This was another hotel sample (have made it through a few of these in the past) and is a shampoo that has a nice formula but the scent is not for me, and that's a big factor for me which picking out hair products. I won't be seeking this out in the future.

Pampers Sensitive Wipes (56 wipes)
These perfume and alcohol free baby wipes were great for removing face makeup with ease before going in and washing my face. I loved the cute packaging and handy pop-lid. I will pick up these and similar wipes again in the future. 

Joe Fresh 100 Cotton Pads
Made my way through yet another pack of cotton pads. I liked these, they did the job and were super cheap. I will continue to pick these up.

Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment (15oz.)
I picked this up from Sephora after receiving a mini version of it in the Sephora birthday gift. I loved the sheer wash of colour this provided, as well as the moisturizing formula and lemony scent. I found it super handy that this contained SPF 15 as well. I will be picking this up again very soon. 

Lancome Genefique Youth Activating Concentrate (8ml)
I used this serum on my face at night after cleansing but before moisturizing my face. I felt that this left my skin more even and radiant. I liked the consistency of it and how lightweight it felt on my skin. I will likely be picking this up in the full sized version once I get my way through all of the mini samples I have accumulated. 


Lysol No-Touch Antibacterial Hand Soap Refill in Soothing Cucumber (251ml)
I bought this refill to go with the Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System. I am not a huge cucumber scent fan so I will probably stick with the other scents offered in this line. I did like the formula and consistency though - this left hands feeling squeaky clean.

Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Gentle Foaming Hand Soap in Mandarin Blossom (259ml)
This soap was part of the Italian Collection and one that I really enjoyed the scent of. I have a small stockpile of these soaps on hand at all times so will continue to repurchase them as they do a great job, are  generally found on sale, and have fun scents and packaging.

Yay, another empties post! Have you used anything lately you love?

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